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You can make sure your existing system is working well with timely servicing for all brands of water treatment systems. I also provide sales and support for DIY-ers. Get in touch today to get a new system or to get your old one serviced.

Treatment you can trust

  • Softeners, reverse osmosis, filtration

  • Methane remediation

  • Chemical-free iron and sulfur treatment; salt-free systems

  • Ultra-violet systems for bacteria

  • Booster-pump stations

  • Pressure boosting

  • “Slime” bacteria treatment using hydrogen peroxide or chlorine

  • 4-log disinfection systems and systems for MCL compliance for many contaminants; city water systems with chlorine removal

  • Low-yield well solutions – storage tanks and high volume outputs

Staining? Odor? Hardness? Other water issues? We’re the solution!

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Certified with the Water Quality Association and National Ground Water Association.

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Excellent servicing for existing systems – all brands!

Have Twin Lakes Water Testing & Treatment test to check for contaminants, then, if needed, recommend the perfect treatment system.


Each system is designed around your water and what you want to do with it, and we keep your financial needs in mind too. Have a dairy? Need 4-log disinfection? Stinky water? Methane? Or maybe just a little dirt? We've got systems for that and more. We also offer sales and support for DYI-ers.

Get the best treatment for your well water

Fully insured for your satisfaction!

No Job is too

Big or too Small!!

About the Iron Breaker

Charger's Iron Breaker

Until recently, the most common solution for problem iron and H2S water involved the use of harsh chemicals and complicated equipment, requiring regular care and service by the homeowner or water-treatment professional.


The Ironbreaker III, by Charger, now offers the “natural” solution for removing iron and H2S. A proven, patented technology that uses nature’s own oxidation process to eliminate iron and H2S without chemicals, without air compressors, without aerators and without external venturis. Using nature’s own oxidation process, leaving you with fresh, clean, odor-free water throughout your home.


All of your water-using appliances will lead longer lives. Dishwashers, automatic washers, and, of course, your water heater will benefit from having reduced iron and H2S, adding years to the life of major appliances and postponing expensive repair and replacement.